Higher Healing Webinars

The Spinal Column of the Earth and the New Spinal Column and Lightbody form. 

In April I have been working intensely with the new spinal column of the New Earth and the Ancient Energy centers rising within it.

As our own spinal columns reflect that of the earth, the new spinal columns of the new Lightbody is being fully activated.

During this webinar, I will go more deeply into the hidden meaning of the spinal, all 33 degrees of it.

The Spinal column indeed acts like a tuning fork, a lightning rod, and indeed an antenna which tunes us in cosmically. 

It is also known as the Jacob's Ladder. 

During this webinar, I will not only give you the latest updates on the spinal column, and what is happening, but also work with your spinal column

energies and give you tools to do this yourself.  

The more tuned in you become, the more you will able to go through the transfiguration into the New Lightbody and New Earth in a sacred and sanctified, exalted form and manner.


Please note that space is limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. 


When?  Saturday, 15 May 2021.

Time?  6 PM South African Time.

How?  Via Zoom.  (When you have registered the link will be sent to you).

Cost? 100$

Duration: + - 2 hours.





Availability: In Stock