Goddess Energy Course

How to reconnect and activate the GODDESS within and without:

I have tweaked this course to include some of the material I used in my very successful seminars in France on Sacred Sexuality and the reconnecting at a deep inner level to the Divine Feminine within and without, and to bring about ever deeper levels of love.

When the three major energy centers of our body are clogged up, our emotional body clogged up too, we struggle with self-love, self-nurturing and a deep level of re-connection with the deepest and most sacred core of ourselves.  In re-discovering our own sacredness, and our sacred power points, we open ourselves to a ever deeper levels of soul expression via ALL our bodies, and therefore can reach ever higher states of joy and bliss.  Also sacred union with great tenderness, and profound energetic alignments as the sacred fires awaken and then enfold us, so that we can step into our true co-creatorship.

We delve into the deepest parts of our soul and reconnect at a deep and profound level with our physical body and its energy centers.  There are three major energy fields in the physical body, pertaining to women especially.  These energy centers all need to be fully opened up, in order for us to truly find that deep inner love for ourselves, spilling over into our loving and most intimate relationships: - the foundation of sacred sexual union with our Divine Other.

KNOW THYSELF is the first requisite to true En-light-ten-ment and with women this is especially a deep and sacred journey into the depths of their own soul selves, and the deep re-connection with their own physical forms and the way it has been intricately and beautiful weaved together by the Divine to celebrate the Divine Feminine WITHIN and without.

This course is mainly for women, where we work with the opening up of the heart energy field, the sacred pyramid energy field, the vortex energy fields – as we start cleansing and clearing layer by layer of all the old trauma, the soul wounds and scars, which have to do with the womanhood at large. 

We reconnect with the pelvic bowl, the womb and our sexual energies as well as learn more about sacred sexuality. More than this I will now expand in other ways of reconnecting at a very deep level with your own Goddesshood and with that which will bring you joy, delight from deep within yourself.. 

This is meant to bring back our sense of worthiness, our sense of connectiveness, and our own higher healing and soul activation as women on multiple levels.  This will heal our karmic relationships, our relationships with the men in our lives, as we delve into the Ancient History and why the Goddess withdrew her energies and why she has returned.  This is a celebration of womanhood in all its phases and moves into the rites of passage and initiation in the Sisterhood of the Rose.

4 x week course:  @ $113 .S. Dollar per session, which includes a written lesson plus one hour Skype session plus higher healing session every week.    

Important Notice:  A minimum number of students are required to enrol on the course for the advertised format to apply. However, should this occur, the enrollee would be fully entitled to partake in the next course of this nature.  Group participation is so essential and it is in our best interest that we gather in like-minded groups, and receive support within such a group.                                        


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