Twinflame and bliss

Musings on Love and being loved in return

twinflame blissTwinflame - and blissful union

When life and love become one and the same, then we have infinite ways of experessings love.

It is not just the first moment when we look into the eyes of another and a deep recognition daws, but it is when the soul remembers that it has journeyed far and wide with this soul - that is has lived before in infinite cosmic space and been atone with this soul through many lifetimes.

For within the core of each relationship we every had, and especially with that of a twinflame, there would have been moments of sacrosanct bliss, and moments of utter despair. There would have been moments of glory and moments of immense pain....

The soul journeys on through time and space, and the patterns we have created have come back with us in this lifetime.

We recognize the soul, and then that period starts where all is bliss, and wonderment in rediscovering the other... and then moments - is this for real?

Then other moments the remembering of pain, or something triggers and the shadow appears.... "Is this going to repeat itself in this lifetime?"

To experience love in any form, it to experience aspects of ourselves - and then especially with the twin - for here someone is part and particle made up of the same soul light and vibrational frequencies as we are - therefore that combination of Light and dark interwoven into the soul mandala and then interwoven into that of oversoul.

Yet, we have to learn to embrace the WHOLE of ourselves, and WHOLE of the other and then knowing that in the infinity of time the dark and light are interwoven and balanced and there is nothing but love.

It is LOVE which essentially finds us, in moments when the most unlovable parts of ourselves are reflected back and we can own that as being part of ourselves, and then return to see the greater picture - like the stars in the nightsky are offset by the indigo darkness. Yes, we are that and we own it and we embrace the whole.

When we allow ourselves to embrace the shadow and light - the wholeness within ourselves and LOVE unconditionally - then we start embracing the whole, the dark and light of the others and it becomes an exuberant dance of extended wholeness, expanding upon it self.

Does that form bliss? Yes, if does, if one is able to stand there naked and vulnerable, not just in body, but in heart, spirit, mind and soul.

When the woman allows herself to open up to this vulnerable core of herself, to stand there exposed completely and utterly, and is able to open herself in completely to embrace this manhood - all of it, the shadow, the light, the essence of manhood since the beginning of time and then allow the giving of himself totally, in all honesty and vulnerability, then tears start to flow.... For it is the tears of this immense union which more than that or mere mortals - it is the union of the Feminine Divine with the Masculine Divine.... in totality.

When the man allows with being totally present, and vulnerable and open to the core heart and soul and mind and body of himself, and gives himself with all that he has, then he is gifting himself beyond the mere bodyily form, into the realms of the immortal Godhead that has been there and then honors, deeply and profoundly honors the depths, the beauty, the immensity of the woman he is givin his profound gifts too. If becomes an act of bestowing of love and then some more, if all flows like a river from his heart and soul and into her....

When both are present, fully present, in love and in the experiencing of the sacredness of the union - reflecting the first sacred union of the masculine with the feminine Divine, then there is just ONENESS, bliss, and euphoria, and waves upon waves of flames uniting as one. That is transcendental union....

But union like this will only be bestowed to those who are seeking the higher path, and paths which lead inside of themselves, and back to the soul and heart of all BEING... for such union is only bestowed upon those who are willing to walk the paths of immortality and thus to reside with the Gods and Goddesses one has to be pure and heart, mind, spirit and soul - and live in the higher states of consciousness.

Here lies the most important key.

Let those who hear and understand listen - for here lies the most important and sacrosanct key.