The New Children - The Star Children

The New Children - The Star Children

New children 5Star Children

One can easily recognize these children by their eyes. Their eyes are compelling – they seem to hypnotize you, so intense the stare. Beautiful eyes, filled with expressions that speak of far-away places and distant shores.....

They have a brain that scans everyone and everything. Light-years removed and ahead of those souls that populate this planet and are here with a sheep mentality – star children simply are very different and will never conform to anyone’s notion to who and what they should be!

They are extremely sensitive and will either snap back at you when they feel that you are trying to make them be something that they are not – the most sensitive of these souls will simply withdraw into their shell and no-one will coax them out of this shell if they do not feel safe to come out.

Melancholy often accompanies these souls – as they are so very sensitive to frequencies, vibrations they will detect anything that off-balance by a mile – and try to fix it in some or other way. They are the children who will always pick up the stray dogs, cats, children or people that come their way – simply because their hearts are wide-open and they cannot bear to see anyone in pain or suffering.

A lot of medical doctors, nurses, vets, and those who work with the healing of the psyche, or soul, the environmentalists, scientists, fall within this group. In their Light bodies they work on board the Great Mother-ships (think Intergalactica) and with the Intergalactic Fleet’s Medical Unit. They will often instinctively do something out of the ordinary to help or safe people – or invent new ways to help humanity – simply driven to help in all and any way they can to alleviate pain and suffering.

They need a lot of unconditional love and acceptance for who and what they truly are – they are extremely sensitive to criticism, bullying, teasing and any form of abusive behaviour and will often take the side of the underdog.

Genius is naturally found here. They are the proverbial Dr. Spock’s of the world – drawn to alchemy and the alternative sciences – as they remember the “magical” gifts that are part and particle of WHO THEY TRULY ARE – remembering that teleportation, manifestation etc. are mere daily tools on other star systems. Think of the Bill Gates, and here you have a classic example of the Star Child bringing his genius to the world and with it computer science!

The ones born in fifties and later are aligned to the Intergalactic Fleet and work closely with them to anchor in the highest frequencies, vibrations of intense light into this planet to help to activate the energy grids and centres, e.g. portals, crystalline grids, the dormant crystal pyramids, etc. – activate the matrix.

Some of them are the Keepers of the Keys and will be activated to remember this in the next months and years as the shift is happening. They carry 12 strands DNA, some 13 strands, which is part of their Intergalactic Heritage and which they carry with them when they incarnate as they can only function with these strands of DNA. Most of them belong to the O- or 0+ blood group.

A lot of these children prefer to work quietly. They love computers and have a natural flair for using this as a tool to connect with other star children across the globe. They love anything that has to do with astronomy, space craft, and out-of-body travel – and are drawn to Unicorn, Angels, Fairies, and Gnomes. They have a great bond with animals, with plants, with dolphins – indeed all life-forms.

Some are natural leaders and thinkers who will step now to the fore to help the planetary shift as their memory banks are being triggered and they are now asked to step in the Leadership Roles which was contracted into their Life’s Mission before they volunteered to come to this planet. Sometimes severe trauma or near-death experiences will act as a catalyst to wake them up to their true self and calling. Most will remember their planet, galaxy or star system of origin at some stage in their lives – if not from the very beginning.

These are the energies being brought into incarnation by those who are Star Children:

Lilac – Those bringing in a high spiritual vibration to lift the frequency of people with whom they are in contact.

Sea green – those from a parallel universe who have incarnated to help transmute the negativity on Earth.

Silver – Those bringing in the mystical and esoteric knowledge and wisdom from other galaxies, e.g. Andromeda.

Dusty pink – Those bringing in cosmic love, often from Venus, which is a heart-centred planet.