The New Children Part One

New childrenThe new children have been incarnating onto this planet, as said, since after the 2Nd World War – the first volunteers paved the way – for these SUPERKIDS that are incarnating in this year and the next few years. They will be the golden bridge between the last Crystal and Rainbow Children that were born since 1994 and will be the ones that a last master the Art of Living in ATONENESS with all – thus also self-mastery – and with it then being able to rejuvenate themselves – they will thus master the art of long levity.

To recap- these souls volunteer to incarnate to heal this planet, the first ones and the later to revolutionize technology and thinking, while some have the natural ability to tap into and reactivate the energy grids, fields, portals, etc. of this planet – to help usher in the New Golden Age.

As the volunteer souls lined up for incarnation, they were at first briefed about the conditions on this planet – the most hostile one in the most stringent school for honing the soul’s innate strength in the WHOLE of creation. They were briefed as to their particular mission – and also what emotions, challengers, soul lessons, they would have to master and – at the same time – bring their unique talents and abilities into the world – and thus bringing in revolutionary changes.... A lot of this already happened –( like the Internet), and the technological advances that followed the 2nd World War.

There was no way of knowing what would happen to such highly Evolved Beings once they were in physical form – dense physical form on this planet. (The more Highly Evolved you are the less you are in NEED of a dense physical form – thus the ability then to teleport yourself AT WILL to which ever corner of the galaxies and creation you wish to be – by using intention and mind power.)

They were (and are closely monitored), so that it could be observed how they would adjust to this planet. A lot of them got lost on the wayside – simply not being able to cope with dense bodies (as said) – and thus some chose to leave their bodies and return home. Some succumbed to the material world by forgetting who they were – and with it came the addictions to substances, sex, etc. (Noting here that there is no right or wrong – simply learning that balance in all things is needed, in order to lead balanced lives.)

To illustrate this point, I am relating a very interesting story told to me some time ago by someone, which illustrates this point to a TEE. I am sure that she will not mind me sharing this story with you – as she now has two of her own Rainbow Children. By indentifying the fact, that she herself is one of the volunteer souls and a genius - is now able to help her children to adjust to this planet – as she had to learn to adjust to – herself!

She was a top-notch professional on the money markets of the world, had a husband, a child, and the whole world at her feet – yet also heavily into drugs, etc. One morning, she told me, she woke up – saw her own reflection staring back at her in the mirror – and got a FRIGHT! For the first time it all sank in – the deadness – the lifelessness - of her own eyes!

It proved to be her soul’s wakeup call! She not only walked out on her husband – she resigned! Somehow she landed up in a healing centre and was told to scrub the toilets – which brought her right in line with following HER TRUE SOUL CALLING AND IS NOW HELPING OTHER PEOPLE TO HEAL!

I have had a huge wake-up call in the last few years – for which I am eternally grateful! As I remembered who I truly am, the rest started falling into place!

Sometimes it is necessary to wake up sleeping volunteer souls, by means of a near-death experience, great trauma of some kind, or other life-altering experiences.