The New Children Part 6

New Children - Additional Information

New children 6New Children

It is forecast that by 2032 17% of babies will be born with their 12 strands of DNA active. This figure could be increased if there are enough high frequency adults to birth them and look after them appropriately. As more adults are opening their 12 chakras this may well be possible.

Because these children will be telepathic, clairvoyant, psychic on every level and have extraordinary gifts like the ability to apport, teleport, levitate, communicate with other life forms and heal, their parents must be able to understand and nurture their talents.

In Golden Atlantis each child was taken to the local priest who read their past lives and recognized the individual specialities the soul brought with them. Then their specific abilities were developed by the parents, the community and school, so that the child could do what he/she loved to do and did best. This was a recipe for happy, contented, fulfilled lives. By 2032 this will start to happen again and most people will feel more soul satisfaction then has been the case for thousands of years. As a planet we will start again to give children what they need rather than what we want for them.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

A wave of souls has already come in from Orion, the planet of wisdom. These are the indigo, crystal and rainbow children, who are born enlightened. Unfortunately, because of the low frequencies around them, many close down to their gifts or withdraw part of their soul energy and become autistic. Some need space to exercise their energy and nature to balance and hold them. As this is denied to them, they become hyperactive and often disruptive. They need to be surrounded by high vibrations, happiness, beautiful music, and 5th dimensional qualities, nurtured with pure, light food and water and truly loved.

These enlightened children have never experienced any planet other than their home on Orion. They have been prepared by their wise teachers to incarnate on Earth to help bring a wave of enlightenment to us. But nothing can truly make a being ready for such a change in vibration.

The unicorn are trying to help these children and their parents can assist by talking to them about those might 7th dimensional creatures, who are the purest of the pure.

Unicorns have a special empathy with enlightened children, especially those who have difficulties with their incarnation. They help them connect with their original soul intention and to ground it.

As we on Earth raise our frequency it will be easier for those from Orion and Sirius to live amongst us. So there will be more of their high frequency children coming in during the twenty years after 2012 and they will have a big, positive impact on the consciousness of the planet.

Note not all autistic or difficult children are indigo, crystal or rainbow children!

(Diana Cooper)