The New Children Part 5

The New Children - How to help them

The New Children 5The New Children: Tips to help them...

Be sure to establish a safe environment for pregnant mothers.

The forming brain in the fetus begins its search for a sense of safety during the latter part of the FRIST TRIMESTER, continuing INTO THE THIRD. What it perceives determines whether the hind brain or the prefrontal lobes will predominate. Thus, the state of the mother’s pregnancy is quite literally the child’s first school.

Communicate with the newborn:

Once born, baby talk enable the child to relate sounds with words. Engage all five senses during read-aloud times, and read to the child often, even just after birth and play soothing music before and after birth, and at all times. Especially high frequency vibrational music is essential for their being able to adapt to the lower frequencies of this planet.

Encourage exercise:

Exercise is of paramount importance, even for babies, and preferably in or around nature and animals.

Provide unstructured time:

We are hardwired to connect. Play is essential in this regard, interacting with others, give and take. Boredom is just as important, occasionally doing nothing but letting imagination fly with birds and clouds. Youngsters need such blank spaces in which to zone out, so brainwave frequencies can shift. They are able to manifest at will and will have to use this wonderful way of creating to help our planet. It is the gift they bring.

Be certain kids get enough sleep:

Today’s kids aren’t getting enough sleep: much of the problem lies with anxiety and stress. Of the many ways to deal with this, my favourite is the sleep kit designed by medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland: “My little Angel Helps Me Go To Sleep.”

Rethink the traditional school setting:

Smaller schools sharing facilities with other groups and organizations to cut costs are better than what we have now.

My own note here: These children are and will be even more so in the future, extremely sensitive to vibrations within buildings and homes. They have a natural ability to tune into other people’s frequencies and vibrations, as well as the environment they are in. They will behave in a strange manner when they are overwhelmed by jarring energies and start screaming or acting strange. They read people’s auras and energy fields and will re-act strangely to those that they sense are not quite kosher.

A tranquil home environment, that is supportive, loving and caring is essential for them. The added help in the way the parents are available to listen to them... to interact with them, play with them. They are lively, have delightful giggles and are truly special. Their huge eyes reflect the beauty of their inner souls.

Crystals in and around the house are essential to add high frequencies. They are able to program these crystals – indeed this will become the new way of education in the future – via the use of programmed crystals.

Soothing, high vibrational music is essential listening for these children – it not only helps them to keep their high vibrations, but helps to raise the frequencies of the whole environment – and thus is essential to the greater well being of all!

They should be given high frequency organically grown food and should join in mediation sessions, practice yoga, study t’ai chi, or learn chants and dances. How about some t-shirts for them saying: I am important to the world. The world is important to me.

MAKE PHILOSOPHY CLASSES STANDARD BY THE THIRD GRADE. This gives children a forum in which to explore the deeper aspects of life while learning question-and-answer techniques. There is no realistic way to shield children from violence, loss, confusion, and grief. They need tools early-on to help them cope.

Adapted, with my own thoughts added from: “Beyond the Indigo Children: the new children and the coming of the 5th world” by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., Bear and Company, Rochester, Vermont, 2005.