Masterkeys to exuberant life!

Judith Küsel is a remarkable, and awe-inspiring woman, who has taken it upon herself to delve deeper and more profoundly into the MYSTERY OF LIFE AND LOVE, which has become both an inner and outer journey of profound insights, teachings and wisdom, which is reflected in her being able to touch the hearts and souls of thousands across the globe in a profound manner.

She sees her main calling in life to reconnect the people on this planet to their own souls and thus to bring in Higher Healing on many multiple levels of existence. Here she is using her amazing and unique gift of tapping into the SUPER-CONSCIOUS ENERGY FIELD and into the soul records of individuals by simply knowing their date of birth, all in higher service to mankind. Her motto here is: KNOW THINE OWN SOUL SELF, AND ITS HIGHER TALENTS, ABILITIES AND HISTORY AND YOU START KNOWING YOURSELF AND TAPPING INTO THE MOST VITAL AND EMPOWERING KEYS OF ALL EXISTENCE: = The Masterkeys are found within the soul, the soul group it belongs to, the Divine Cosmic Heart and thus ALL THAT IS.

She has been on an outer and inner journey in the last four to five years, reconnecting to the ancient energy centers of the South-Eastern African continent, and thus has gleaned important hidden keys and master codes to the very human existence, which mankind has forgotten and needs to rediscover and re-learn. She has learnt to read energies and thus using these, to reconnect to the Planet’s heart center and the Cosmic Heart and then the SUPERCONSCIOUS FIELD. The more mankind re-learns how to do this, the more the consciousness of the whole will rise and the New Golden Age will be anchored in, in multiple ways.

She has written and had immense response in guiding others with twin flame relationships and the higher understanding and use of the sexual powers which is ignited between twin flames, and twin soul clusters. The correct understanding and use of the sexual energies, in sacred union, therefore is an immense tool for the true opening up of the heart center and then reconnecting with the Cosmic Heart and the Central Sun, and such union then assists with the raising of the vibrations and frequencies of those souls participating in the sexual act, with the correct higher understanding and intention to use its power for empowerment and for the raising of consciousness of the collective whole: always in the form of Higher Service and not for self-service.

Her greatest gift to mankind and the prayer of her own heart and soul, is to be a huge Beacon of Love, Light, Higher Healing and Higher Wisdom and Knowledge for this planet and to return the Ancient Master Codes and Keys to humanity, which she is in the process of downloading and returning to mankind via her soul readings, teachings and writings and then going one step further to teach those who truly seek with an open and honest heart, soul with integrity how to tap into the Superconsciousness field.