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Musings on Marriage, Twin flames, Soul Mates and commitment....

Twinflame marriageI was asked a simple question yesterday, and it set me thinking….. Yet, not quite thinking, per se, but rather a musing, a deep and profound musing....

Since I started my Twin flame Soul Readings, (a friend prompted me to do this over and above my normal soul readings and these Twin flame Readings are even more in demand than my normal readings), I have found that most people come for guidance. They feel deep down that they have met THE ONE and ONLY, and now wish to make sure and know a bit more and some just want to know if they will ever meet the ONE.

During the last year, (I started these readings in 2012), I have found certain patterns emerging during these sessions, and I just want to take some time to elaborate on this, for a lot of what I have found does need some attention, and some pondering…. It has made me sit up and from my innermost Being search for answers I have had since meeting my own Twin flame a few years ago.

  • Within each soul group there are 144 souls (some soul groups combine under a COSMIC soul group, which consists of 144 000 souls who collective work on the same vibrational frequencies. These large ones are those very old souls who were birthed at the very beginning of creation, and form part of the 12 sons and daughters of the Most High – and each one of the 12, form the Elders around the Throne of God, and therefore, each of the first 12 galaxies born at the very beginning, have one of the sons and daughters in charge of that galaxy. (This however is a story for another time.)
  • Your soul consists of 12 sparks, or flames (vibrational frequency = that is why your soul name and your galaxy of origin and your tonal chord and soul colours will BE that pure vibrational frequency). This is the UNIQUE frequency of your soul – and you will only be in true harmony with your soul, if your vibration stays at that frequency band. However, in this lifetime, in 99% of the cases, at the utmost 2 of these flames or sparks will be incarnated. However, in some cases, where soul groups have been involved with the creation of this planet from the very beginning (and they come from the original galaxies involved here which form part of the original 12), have all 12 incarnated at this time, for HIGHER SERVICE TO MANKIND and are on a SPECIAL MISSION. This mission entails the completion of karmic ties to this planet, as they now wish to move on to a higher state of evolutionary BEING, with the rest of their SOUL GROUP. (Creation always is evolving and growing and becoming, and so are soul groups and souls too. As one soul forms part of the WHOLE SOUL GROUP, even one who is not able to do this, holds up the others. In the end though the collective will aid the soul until it manages to fulfill its calling and is never ever separated or left out of the Group, for it can never not be part of that group).
  • Not all Twin flames have incarnated – in those cases where only one flame has incarnated it will have the constant support from all other 11 flames and is reunited with them during its sleep state. They will then act as higher guides for this soul during its incarnation.
  • Some of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Sun children stem from the NEW GALAXIES which were NOT involved with the planet from the beginning and are here as VOLUNTEER souls, and therefore have NO KARMIC links with this planet. Most of them WILL NOT have a twin flame incarnated, yet will have SOUL MATES here – for they normally will have support – and will recognize those who come from the same galaxies as where they come from and thus gather support there. The AUTISTIC children fall very much in this category and because they are highly evolved souls, they will have great difficulty communicating what is deep inside of them and they are not used to SPEAKING (use telepathy) and have never encountered violence of any form.

I felt that I have to clarify this, for we often make ourselves miserable because of our search of THE ONE. With the hype of Twin flames going on the Internet etc. some souls feel that they are missing the boat, and when understanding dawns, it then opens up other possibilities in relationships, which always bring one back to the HEART of LOVE and most importantly, the LOVE for oneself.

So far then, the soul and its flames and soul groups.

Most of the souls who have incarnated on the planet at this time, apart from those I mentioned above, have had karmic links with this planet and for millions of years. Since the very beginning when the planet was new born and bliss and harmony reigned, man and woman, loved each other and there was no disharmony. In the beginning with the galaxies involved in creation and starting the EXPERIMENT on this planet, there was no problem. They merely carried on, as they have always done on their home galaxies and Mother ships.

However, during the course of the history of this planet something went dreadfully wrong – (and I will not tell the whole story here for that is part of my book), and certain PATTERNS were created between souls (and not always twin flames and soul mates, but also souls from other soul groups), which became destructive and broke the old order apart.

In Mu and Lemuria, ANOTHER karmic pattern emerged, which still had the same souls struggling with the same karmic link – and namely this: - the souls born on these two successive civilizations were born into the 7th dimensional state and were ANDROGYNOUS. Thus MALE AND FEMALE IN ONE SINGLE BODY! All went perfectly well, until 5th dimensional Atlantis arose, and the EXPERIMENT there with the 6th ROOT race on the planet was MALE AND FEMALE, in two separate forms. Those from MU and Lemuria suddenly felt they were missing out on something BIGTIME – and what was that? Well, SEXUAL energy! The MATING GAME.

You all know what happens if you feel you are missing out: you want to experience this too. So, some of the Lemurian High Priesthood invented a surgical method in which they SPLIT the ANDROGYNOUS form into TWO = a male form and a female form!

Well, in the beginning that was like having a new toy to play with. However, another factor started emerging. Suddenly the other half of oneself became boring, mundane – and one had discovered all the tricks in the book, and one saw other interesting bodies and interesting possibilities one could experience with the sexual energies and therefore the male started having sex with other females, and vice versa. Until one day, the two split halves understood that they lost something of the INTIMACY, the CLOSENESS – the ONENESS of ANDROGYNOUS form and most importantly the BALANCE.

So, what is happening then to the souls currently incarnated onto the planet, who have karmic links here (which is now excluding those who have no karmic links here)?

  • OLD KARMIC PATTERNS between two souls (and remember when sexual energies where shared in whatever lifetime, the two souls will be drawn together again, for the sexual energy is the LIFE FORCE energy, and thus it will have the karmic law of CAUSE AND EFFECT moving into action here) need to be resolved once and for all. It does not matter whether the link was happy or unhappy, whether it was a forced marriage, or enslavement, or bondage, or lovers, a KARMIC PATTERN was created somewhere along the line. The crux of the matter is that once a PATTERN was created, it will repeat itself, and some souls have the same old pattern repeating over many lifetimes. So, they will be drawn together again in this lifetime, until that pattern is finally dissolved and a new pattern in created. This forms part and particle of SOUL CONTRACT LESSONS.
  • MARRIAGE VOWS, BLOOD VOWS, RITUALS, etc. In the beginning there never was any need for a marriage vow, or any form of formalizing a union, for there was no need for it. During the million year history of this planet however, some warped thinking started coming into play, and that involved CONTROL and POSSESSION. I went into a lot research about this, and found that most often women became a BARGAINING tool. When land and dowries started to come into play, woman often became the pawns in the power plays of men and they were rather dealt with like one deals with cattle – and sold off to the highest bidder – or used as a power bargaining tool. In wartime the men were killed off and the men who conquered raped the enemy in order to beget more offspring (to enslave) and then women were either enslaved or shipped into harems and used as concubines (depending on their assets).

In the case were BLOOD vows were made, this adds another connotation – for here that tie is immensely strong, and will last over many lifetimes, if not dispersed. That too was not always made in love – but sometimes to knit tribes together or to force treaties to be honored.

At this time as the old is making way for the new, we cannot afford to carry those old patterns into the new – thus we will be challenged to dissolve those patterns so that our collective consciousness is freed to move into a new and higher consciousness. Here the law of the ONE AND THE MANY comes into operation: EVEN ONE SOUL DISSOLVING A PATTERN HAS A RIPPLE EFFECT ON THE OTHERS. ONE COUPLE FOR INSTANCE CREATING A NEW, BALANCED PATTERN HAS A RIPPLE EFFECT ON THE OTHERS. What happens to the one = happens to the many.

All of us, in some way or another have various links to various souls, and before we are born those with whom we have karmic links to work through, will be contracted in to meet with us at one time or another in this lifetime – it might be just after we were born, or it might be years later.

In the case of twin flames for instance, each one might have karmic links from other lifetimes to first work through before they can meet in this lifetime, and often when they do meet the twin is still working through those ties, and therefore is not free, or ready for the intensity of such union. If could also be, that the two have created karmic patterns over many lifetimes, which first have to be cleared, before true union can be reached. One has to understand that with twin flame – each flame has to be of same potency – otherwise the one will consume the other and then imbalance will occur.

If you consider how many souls you have met in ONE single lifetime here on this planet, then you will start appreciating that we are in relationship with every single person we meet every single day = whether this is intimate or not.

I see this in such a way, that awareness that we are all ONE and stem from ONE AND SAME SOURCE and in the greater cosmic whole from part of ONE single whole, and I also understand, that I am responsible for my own life and my actions and re-actions to all I come into contact with. One can never get past the cosmic law of CAUSE AND EFFECT = one can see that in any particle of the cosmic whole – one little piece of something when it breaks out, will have an effect on the great whole – like one drop of water will send out ripple effects. So see yourself sending out ripple effects on all you do and are in every moment that you are alive. Now add that up to many lifetimes, and see what happens: you become a CATALYST – that is how powerful you are in reality!

So in every single lifetime you were here, your life was a catalyst in some form or another. You need not have been the King or Queen of a country in order for your lifetime to have had an affect = you had an effect on all within your own sphere of influence. It is here that patterns were created and at this time we are forced to examine those patterns we have created.

In this book “Fractal time” Gregg Braden goes into the whole destructive patterns which were created on this planet over thousands of years. In conclusion he gives the picture of a kaleidoscope: there is a pattern which is created. It will stay the same, until you turn the lens, and all the pieces dissolve into one scrambled mess, and when they settle a new pattern is created. In that book he states that this is the greatest lesson this planet has to master, so that we can create a new consciousness and a way of life and living – on multiple levels.

In this lifetime then, during your journey here, you will attract those souls into your life with whom you have karmic patterns to clear: - whether they were ties of love or hate. Whether they come in the form of family, friends, enemies or lovers, or even spouses, but the pattern will be there in your face, until you learn to dissolve it, let it go, and then, in that moment of letting go – a vacuum is created, and within that vacuum a new pattern can be formed.

At this time, the more inner clearing we work we do from deep inside, enables us to create the vacuum for the new way of life, loving and living to emerge.

What needs to be balanced most of all is our own inner understanding of what love and commitment are all about. I cannot do that for you – and nobody else – it is personal work each soul has to do by digging deep and deeper into its own inner Being, heart and soul.

I have had to do this now for the last few years, and every time I think I have dissolved all patterns, up come the next one, and then the next. And understanding is dawning, that I have been a catalyst by being on this planet for all the incarnations I was here. Seeing that this is so, and I am here to anchor in the New Golden Age, and therefore become one of its co-creators, I have to practice what I preach. I cannot lead others, if I am not prepared to first do the inner work on myself.

Deep down all of us have a deep and profound inner wish, to be loved and accepted for who and what we ARE!

However, most of us have great and profound difficulty EVEN ACCEPTING ourselves for who and what we are! We get down the hardest on ourselves and beat ourselves up all the time. Until we learn the lesson of a deep and profound love and acceptance of ourselves on ALL levels, physical, emotional, mental and physical, we will have challenges in our relationships, because deep down we feel there something wrong with us, or not right with us, or that we are unworthy of love.

Notice that I do not speak of romance here. I speak of WORTHINESS AND LOVE.

Of course when we are in love we wish to gift our partner and we wish to make them happy – that is natural and therefore has its own place and time, and that is a subject for another time. I am one of the most romantic people there is: I dreamt of marriage, my Knight in Shining Armor sweeping me off my feet, etc. etc. I own that.

When we truly find a deep and abiding love for ourselves on multiple levels, and reconnect deeply with our own souls, we find meaning and purpose in life – whether we have a partner or THE ONE and ONLY – or not. One has a profound sense of CALLING and that one has a life mission to complete. Therefore one understands that the soul is here first and foremost to SERVE in whatever form and capacity it is called upon to do so. When one finds meaning and purpose in life, understanding dawns that one is here first and foremost to SERVE.

Your SOUL NAME and SOUL GROUP NAME will always reflect this. For example: My soul name: THE SHINING ONE WHO EXULTS. My Soul Group Name; THE ILLUMINED ONES, also known as the THE SHINING ONES and the THE ANCIENT ONES. My given name JUDITH = SHE WHO IS A PRAISE TO THE LORD, my middle name: ALIDA = THE NOBLE ONE, and my SURNAME: THE GENTLE ONE (German word gemütlich). See how all of that ties in together. My soul group has been involved with this planet even before its creation and thus is here now to see our work to completion. I am first and foremost here to SERVE in that I BECOME and BRING in and TRANSMIT what my SOUL NAME reflects.




Any relationship which you attract will challenge you right there – it will challenge you on bringing the OPPOSITE of what you reflect and then see how you start managing the balancing act!

Now, is it not interesting that as much as we attract those people with whom we wish to have relationships into our lives, WHO ARE VERY MUCH LIKE US = BUT ALSO VERY MUCH THE OPPOSITE! LAW OF ATTRACTION = NEGATIVE ATTRACTS POSITIVE IN ORDER TO CREATE= BALANCE!

When one is infatuated one sees the object of one’s love as pure perfection. It does not matter if family and friends squirm – you will not listen. It does not matter if your inner self is screaming and warning bells go off all over the place = I AM IN LOVE! The object of your desire becomes the sum total of your very existence.

I remember that a woman once came to me and she said: “You know, this morning I was sitting opposite my husband at the breakfast table, and looked at him at thought: “WHAT DID I EVER SEE IN YOU – I HATE YOU!”


Yes? Know the feeling? Well, consoling is that you are not alone…. You one of thousands of people all over the planet who have felt exactly that – and have felt it for generations – same patterns over and over again!

I was asked yesterday if I was asked to get married, if I would?

Here is my honest answer: When I was a teenager I devoured Mills & Boon Romances and had immense and profound dreams of my Twin flame. All I wanted to do, is follow the example of all my other extended family (cousins and more cousins and friends), and find a man to marry as soon as possible, settle down and have a family. Well, instead life managed to lead me down another line all together, and it is only in the recent years, after a lot of soul searching that I finally understood about karmic patterns and what had happened in a past life (after meeting my twin), that had lead to me not getting married in this lifetime. As memory bank after memory bank triggered, and I had to release pattern, after pattern, after pattern and as each started to heal deep and profound soul wounds gathered over many lifetimes – I finally understood, the whole concept of LOVING AND ACCEPTING MYSELF FIRST OF ALL, BEFORE I COULD TOTALLY LOVE AND ACCEPT ANOTHER – warts and all.

I believe I have finally grown up!

I also understand, that my own life’s calling, mission and the completion of my soul mission of immense importance. My calling is what gives meaning and purpose to my life and I am here to SERVE the greater Cosmic Whole. This is not about me – it never was and has been. It about serving the GREATER WHOLE. That is first and foremost why I am here on this planet at this time. No-one can live my life for me – I am the master of my own life and I have to take responsibility for my own soul and my own actions and in-actions.


Yes, if I felt a deep love, respect, and deep honoring for the man I love, and if we were on the same wavelength – frequency band. That does not mean that there are or would be no challenges or that in many ways we would be much alike = but also complete opposites, for one can only create balance and bliss if BOTH are present, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: IF HIS SENSE OF MISSION, OF MEANING AND THE QUEST FOR HIGHER SERVICE TO MANKIND MATCHED MY OWN AND OUR UNION BECAME A TOTAL AND UTTER DEDICATION TO HIGHER SERVICE TO MANKIND – thus served a HIGHER purpose, then I would say yes.

I will add: If our union would serve the Greater Whole so that the union gives greater meaning and purpose to both of our lives and gives us a greater vision than the sum total of ourselves – so that no matter what happens, that Quest, that vision will pull us through the good and bad times.

Deep down I believe that true and profound union has many levels of experiencing the Divine through LIVING it in every moment. In such a union there has to always be a Third party in involved and that is the DIVINE FLAME of LOVE, POWER AND WISDOM. Without that, no union can ever be complete.

I leave you with your own musings …..

I merely wished to make you aware….