Cosmic Love Dance

Cosmic Love Dance


Life is a journey

On which we embark

Little knowing


Although the map

Has been given to our souls

Before we were born:

In the end, when all is said and done: -

It remains simply

A map!


We are born

And we cry

For now,

With our hearts still

Overflowing with the vision, the dream

The eternal flame of love

In our hearts –


We find soon enough

That the world has other ideas

And slowly but surely

The dreams and the visions

Are replaced

By the whims and wants

Of others

Who expect us to conform

To their own maps and


Of who and what we should be....


We are beaten and bullied

Into becoming


That in our hearts

We know

We are not....


For the memory

Of Love everlasting

Of that map

 the vision and the dreams

With which we were born

Stays buried deeply

So deeply

Within our psyche.....


On the outside

We pretend

That we are

What we are

When inside

We live

A different vision

And the dreams

Haunt us

At night.....


We walk our path

As best we can

But somehow

We get lost

In the jungle

Of cities and lifestyles

Foreign to that


Into our maps.....


We lose our trail

As the jungle


With nettles, with shrubs,

With ivy and thicket 


We are so blinded

That we fall over

roots of the trees

And fall flat on our faces,

And lie there,


Our faces and bodies

Covered with mud, ivy and moss,

Until we manage

To get up

And somehow

Continue along the trail....


Sometimes we meet those on the way

Who laugh at our plight –

“Can’t you see that there is

An easier, better way?

Are you blind?


For there,

Down below is the huge highway –

Why, you can speed there – everyone

Does that, you know?”


So you follow them-

And for a while

You savour the speed

And you savour the endless

Rush for delight

That seems to consume

All those travellers

Who have not even the time

To look into each other’s eyes!


For excitement looms

As more and more things

Need to be done

Or acquired: -

“The TIME is too short

To dawdle along

We want more!”


Yet, deep within the recesses of our souls

That map remains......


And one day

Weary and worldly-sick

We come to the time

When we are forced back

Onto the lonely trail,


And we find that somehow

We have lost our fear

For the jungle –

The trees, the ivy, the moss

The overgrown trail

Do not frighten us any more –


We find that we look at the trees differently

They become our trusted friends and companions

We embrace the ivy and moss


And when we have time to look


We find the most beautiful lilies

And orchids hidden amongst

The overgrowth.


We find time

To smell their perfume

And marvel at their perfection....


At night we lie naked under the stars

And we look at the vastness,

The expanse of creation

And we feel small in comparison

With the infinite hand

That created it all....

The silent voice within

Speaks to our souls

And embracing it


Are embraced by such love and light

that we hear

that even though

All the stars are bright in the sky -

We are truly loved

And beloved

And held in the everlasting

Love and Light that created us all!


As the trail carries on

Uphill and downhill

Sometimes lingering leisurely on

At other times

Climbing steep cliffs

With hands and feet

Closing our eyes

And trusting unseen hands

To guide and protect us

And carry us through


We one day realize

That we are content

Just as we are:

We have found the trail

Has led us to

Connect to something

So very deep inside of us

Which was and is always true to our soul

And our path...


We find that we enjoy our own company

We learn to embrace ourselves

And to love ourselves



We learn to dance the dance of life,

To play like a child again,

To frolic with the dolphins

And fishes in the ocean

And to laugh out loud

At the antics of some monkeys....


We fear not the leopard

Or the noises of the jungle animals at night –

We look into their eyes

And see ourselves reflected in there

And  they sense our love

And send love back to us....


For the trail has led us

To conquer our own greatest demons

And fears ....


The silence has taught us to

Identify our own wounds

The soul wounds inflicted

By others

But mostly by ourselves:


As we were our own greatest judges

And our own greatest enemies

And created our own inner hell.....


We become lighter, much lighter,

Our souls start to shine,

We are illuminated

And we live each moment

As if it were our last –


We at last KNOW

That we are WHOLE

And that we are LOVED

By the everlasting LOVE ETERNAL

Which is unconditional....


We learn that we are worthy of love -

 And worthy to love!


To embrace ourselves exactly as we are –

And love ourselves unconditionally too.....


So the path winds on

Until one day we find ourselves

Standing in a clearing

Overlooking the vastness of the turquoise-blue ocean

And when we look up

We see snow-capped mountains

Rising high above us

Luring us onto ever greater heights

Of Knowingness ....


Our inner self prompts us

To continue our journey...


As we turn we suddenly realize that we

Are not alone

For there in front of us is a stranger

And we see at a glance

That this stranger

Has also fought his way

Through the dense forest

The soul path

For all the signs are there....


At first it seems strange

For we are not used to have someone

On the same path as we are....


We look into the other’s eyes

And we find ourselves reflected in there

And suddenly we are lost

Between time and space

As we recognize

A fellow mystical traveller soul

As our twin flame

Part of our own

In fact the two halves

Of the one....


We find that words are not needed

What comes

Flows from the heart and the soul

And we sit silently

And we share the food

Of the mind, body, spirit and soul

We have gathered

From the abundance

That overflows from

The Vastness of ALL!


At first we feel the way around each other

For it is strange to suddenly have a companion

Where before

We used to travel and be on our own

And have learned to savour

Our own company....


Slowly but surely we start to share moments

Of laughter

Of reflection.....

sharing and comparing the stories

Of how we got onto the trail

And the adventures

That led to this moment

This spot....


And we recognize that this was no accident

That in that very map

That was written so long ago

This companion

And moment

Were already mapped out...


We first had to find


And know who we are

And to learn to accept

And love ourselves


For who and what we truly are....


So did the other

And in that moment

You realize that

You have been given

A perfect travelling companion –


Someone to share your deepest

Visions and dreams

And know they will not laugh

Or ridicule

For they too have visions and dreams

That they want to share with you....


There are moments when you walk hand in hand

Shoulder to shoulder

In perfect harmony

Yet there are moments

When you seem to have drifted away

As the other one seems lost

In a world of their own –


There are moments when it seems

That the other is pushing your buttons

And for one moment you forget

To love and accept yourself as you are –


Until you realize that this was but a moment

When the other was helping you

To identify, take out and heal the pain

That you have still deeply buried

In your soul


You need to cut it out

 To bring it into the open

And balance it out

In order for it to heal....


You start appreciating the differences

As much as those moments

When you seem to be on the same wavelength

And all just simply flows....


Slowly but surely the love for yourself

Starts overflowing

And then a miracle happens

For now you realize

That the unconditional love and acceptance

That you have for yourself

Has extended to embrace the other

In unconditional love and acceptance,

 too – And the other realized the same.


You are two wholes

Becoming as ONE

And within the embracing circle


From whom all love stems....


And in that moment

When the two opposites

Blend as ONE


The eternal dance of creation

Repeats itself


As the Divine polarities


And tremendous forces of Light

And Love are released


Which light up the whole of creation


In one moment

You stand as co-creator

And you claim the inherent

Birthright of Greatness-

That you always were-

And which has always been

An inherent part of you!


So the eternal cosmic dance of Love

Is re-created

And from this moment on

The map of your life

Flows into the other

And you start climbing

Those heights

One step at a time.....


Never in the other’s shadow

But always in your own light –

It is the blending of both Lights

that changes

Not only this planet

But lights up

The whole of Creation.....


The eternal cosmic dance

Is danced

To perfection

Once more....


And this repeats itself

For all eternity...


The moments embrace the WHOLE

And opens arms

Welcomes the ecstasy

And embraces

Unconditional love

That lives on





Miracles happen when love embraces love –

Unconditionally =

And realizes

That this is perfection

The eternal cosmic dance

Of creation!


Out of one spark a WHOLE was created!

The journey continues,

One step at a time,

Until the life map

Has reached its ultimate end


And we return

To the ultimate



Once more!


Judith Kusel