Beyond the norm - orthodox.... and into INFINITY!

beyond the normI have, all my life searched for higher meaning and answers. Within me a burning passion to know beyond the norm and then to find some kind of bridge between the known and unknown, the mystical and the mundane and to bring this back to mankind in a form they can understand.

I had a reading from friend the other day, where she sums this up nicely: “…. And so yes, you have started a revolution in many ways. You have filled a VOID you felt when you searched the scriptures, the books, the written and spoken word for more clarity, direction and better ways to serve. Your burning passion is to create a bridge between there and here and now and then and there….”

I often have unorthodox views, but then I am finding that thousands of people read my blogs and website, my writings, and then come back to me and say: “What you are writing about resonates deeply within me…. It is as if I have always KNOWN this in some form or another.”

Yes, for I have felt all my life that there must be something more to life than what human beings know about – or what we have been taught about life.

I remember sitting through a 10 day session where we delved deep into the Prophets of the Old Testament. For one moment in time, these people could see past the veil of illusion and into the depths of all Being. This is what I desired to do – little knowing that in doing this, in following my passion, my whole life would change – inside and out….

For I first had to visit the depths of hell and the ecstacies of BEING in order to find that there indeed was a world beyond the norm, beyond the orthodox and it was a vast creation of endless knowledge, technology and KNOWING – indeed the SECRET OF THE AGES were all there, waiting for mankind to wake up from its self-imposed dreams….

In this I am finally understanding, that I am a pioneer soul, and that I have to span dimensions and all the boxed-in thinking of mankind, in order to find what lies beyond all of that, and then, spoonfeed mankind into remembering all of this.
Yes, I get flack from those who do not understand this – for they fear what is not known and they fear stepping past conditioned thinking – some do not even like to think or life life out of the box because they fear retribution and not fitting in….
Yet, who and what REALLY fits in, and who designed the boxes?

Our souls cannot be fit into boxes and God definitely so – it is the ones who wish to let us believe in boxes, who ultimately control us – and this has always been the collective woe of mankind – that they allowed others to think for them and to control them in this way. However, this is all changing and this is going to change more and more as all the old systems fall by the wayside.

Indeed, this is the greatest change mankind has ever had, and it is the CHANGE OF HEART!